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Polar Bear Hug – 2018 Kiruna, Sweden

It was event that had the best snow of all of the snow carving events we went to this year!! There is nothing that beats fresh pure naturally snow. Kiruna had no shortage of this beautiful carving medium. I accidentally stepped off of the walking paths around our sculpture and quickly found myself in snow well above my knees. Terry had to pull me out to save me.

It felt like a winter wonder land since they had so much snow everywhere. There were large snow piles on the roof tops and by the side on the roads, and inches of snow delicately stacked on the thinnest of tree branches. It truly was like a winter blanket that had gently fallen to earth and was covering everything. The snow had not been disturbed by the strong winds like we would get on the Canadian prairies … it left a very peaceful restful feeling. I found the snow covered landscape to be very beautifully lit by the twilight sun angles and the long shadows.

We got to carve beside some other very talented snow carvers, some where old friends and other became new friends. Those friendships made exploring a new place and sharing those experiences much richer. I have fond memories of sharing our lunches of smoked reindeer meat and sharing our progress and experience. It was a very support place for the snow sculpture as this is a long tradition of some 35 years of having this competition. All the organizers and midnight walkers were very curious and supportive and encouraging of our carving.

It was a challenge getting used to the short days of 3-5 hours of light. I’m used to carving at night but I wasn’t used to thinking it was already evening just after lunch. On the days when it snowed, we carved by street light and flood lights all day and long into the evening. It was a fairly large block for two people and we put in long hours into getting it completed. We were happy with our sculpture. I was honored to be also awarded “artist’s choice” for our piece Polar Bear Hug. It is always a great honor when other talented artists think your work is worthy of such an award. I felt very proud and blessed.

Click here to view the front side of the finished sculpture.Click here to view the back side of the finished sculpture.

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