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Brave – 2018 Pontebba, Italy

I miss my morning espresso! I never thought I’d ever say that. I wasn’t even a big coffee drinker before visiting Italy. Now, the mornings haven’t been the same without them.

It was a beautiful place to carve, placed on an old cobble stone road in the middle of town among the historic buildings. Each building was unique from it’s worn stone steps, carved wooden doors or the bronze figured door handles and shutter catchers, all so rich with history and architectural details.

I have a lasting memory of looking down the row of snow sculptures nestled in between all the buildings and seeing the sun light up the snow capped mountains that was the distant view at the end of our street.

I found Pontebba to be a very welcoming place. All the organizers, volunteers and folks around town had warm and encouraging smiles and nods. While carving, the organizers made sure that there was warm apple strudel for a morning snack followed by some other warm beverages throughout the carving day to keep us warm and energized! Despite the fact that the snow was melting their hospitality did make for a very festive event. We had a wonderful time.

We met other very talented artists. It was a privilege to be working amongst them. Our team put their all into our piece even though the snow was melting fast. It will always be a memorable experience for me.

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