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Life Lines – 2002 Ottawa Winterlude

The Norns were protective and prophetic spirits from the times of the old Norse gods. With the birth of a baby within the family, they took on the role as agents of destiny, as the three Norna – Urd (fate), Skuld (necessity), and Verandi (being). The Norna measured the life of all and plotted the life path of humans from the moment of birth. With divine power, they twined the threads of destiny. They fastened them to the midst of the heavens and threw them out in different directions, measuring out and cutting the threads that told how long a life would be and of what destiny an individual would follow.

In our sculpture, we are showing a deciding moment – a newborn baby, held in the hands of a Norn, considering what future this emblem of promise will carry out.

I carved with Anna Marie Skogsrud and Ernie Schmidt.

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